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Aluminum Drag Bike Rear Fender
I just finished shaping a drag bike fender from .060” aluminum.  I took dimensions from the wire copper form that the customer made and built a buck with ½” plywood.  I changed the radius on the top edge to a 4” radius to give the transition areas a smoother lead in edge.
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Wolfgang Schroeder Traveled from Germany for a One On One Advanced Workshop
Wolfgang Schroeder traveled from Germany for a one on one advanced workshop. While he was in the shop he shaped the front fender for a '66 GT40 MKI from aluminum and the front of a '48 Chevy hood.  Wolfgang stayed in the area for a couple of weeks and traveled around the area getting tours of local hot rod shops.  He also came by and helped me put the finishing touches on the restoration of the P13.
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Original Camel Hump Heads Cloned From Aluminum ARF Heads
I just finished up machining two sets of heads for a customer replicating camel hump heads for a Camaro restoration.  He wanted high performance heads that looked just like the originals.  I machined the logos off and then machined the inset by hand around a 3/8” thick steel guide.  After the rough machining was completed I dialed in the edges with carbide bits and sanders to detail the edges and replicate the edges.  I completed the heads by hammering the smoothed areas with a pick hammer then hammered forty grit sandpaper to roughen up the surface to make it look like the factory castings.
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Machined Dies for Local Restoration Shop
One of our students from a past Metal Shaping Workshop works for a local restoration shop.  Their shop was so impressed with one of our planishing hammers they purchased one for their shop and asked us to machine a set of our exclusive lower dies sets for their hammer.  We machined a set for them from S7 tool steel and had them hardened to 56 Rockwell C scale.  The set includes; six 2 ½” diameter dies (radiuses; 0,36,24,12,9,6)  1 ½” diameter die with 0 radius and linear stretch die. We also have a upper die set available which includes; 2 3/8” diameter 0 radius, 2- 1 ½” diameter 0 radius(1/16” and 1/8” radius on edge), reverse curve with constant 6” radius, and reverse curve die with additional side clearance(x axis is 3” radius and y axis is 1.5” radius).  Please contact us if you are interested in a die set for your planishing hammer (please note: sets are made to order).
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Personal Consultation for Aluminum Hood from Concept Car
Everyone can use a hand one time or another.   A local restoration shop is building an aluminum body from scratch over a Corvette chassis.  They started making a huge hood (measuring almost five feet square) and ran into a couple problems with the surface becoming warped after welding the two seams running through the center.  They asked if I would give them a hand fixing it and they spent the day at my shop helping me stretch the weld seams and planish the entire surface smooth.  It was a challenge because of the size of the panel, after hours of shoulder abuse with the portable planishing hammer we saved the hood.
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