Chassis Engineering & Fabrication

Our experience in engineering suspension geometry and chassis design allows us to install a simple aftermarket front and rear suspension system or build an entire system from scratch utilizing the latest automotive technology. Understanding the engineering involved with suspension and chassis design are important aspects that make our chassis fabrication safe with superior handling. Whether you need an entire suspension system or just have some questions about an existing system, we can steer you in the right direction.

Metal Shaping & Fabrication

The Tin Man’s Garage, Inc. enjoys being diverse by always having a wide variety of projects in the shop. Our passion has built our reputation by performing the highest quality automotive fabrication while pushing the limits of form and function. Whether you need the entire floor repaired in your vehicle or just a pinhole, we have the equipment, experience and ability to exceed your expectations using a variety of materials including: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and chromoly.

Coach Building/Body Fabrication

The Tin Man’s Coach Building is becoming well known for building elegant automobiles piece by piece. We employ production methods that are truly and intentionally many decades behind the times. We can restore, duplicate, and fabricate a body from scratch whether it is aluminum or steel. We understand the difference between Concours Restoration and Preservation, it’s all in the details. Whether you need help duplicating a brass vent window frame or need all of the wood replaced and the body re-skinned from scratch, we have you covered.

Size Does Matter

The Tin Man’s Garage, Inc. takes pride in maintaining a clean and organized 2,500 square foot shop. Keeping a small shop allows us to stay focused on what’s most important, the customer and their car. Once stepping foot in the shop you will see some rare metal forming equipment along with custom made machines. All the dies for duplicating original body reveals and flanging are machined in house for quality control.