Machined Dies for Local Restoration Shop

One of our students from a past Metal Shaping Workshop works for a local restoration shop.  Their shop was so impressed with one of our planishing hammers they purchased one for their shop and asked us to machine a set of our exclusive lower dies sets for their hammer.  We machined a set for them from S7 tool steel and had them hardened to 56 Rockwell C scale.  The set includes; six 2 ½” diameter dies (radiuses; 0,36,24,12,9,6)  1 ½” diameter die with 0 radius and linear stretch die. We also have a upper die set available which includes; 2 3/8” diameter 0 radius, 2- 1 ½” diameter 0 radius(1/16” and 1/8” radius on edge), reverse curve with constant 6” radius, and reverse curve die with additional side clearance(x axis is 3” radius and y axis is 1.5” radius).  Please contact us if you are interested in a die set for your planishing hammer (please note: sets are made to order).